Dying Light 2 Still Set For Release This Year

After what feels like eons, it looks like the developers over at Techland are ready to give you an update to Dying Light 2. For those of you who were ready to write the game off and label it as dying vaporware that wouldn’t ever see the light of day and be left in an eternal doom in development hell or outright canceled, then the developers are here to give you some much-needed assurance.

I understand where some players are coming from. A new video game announcement or a sequel to a beloved IP has plenty of anticipation. We want to know everything right away from gameplay mechanics, narrative, to when we’re able to get our hands on a copy. For Dying Light 2, fans were ecstatic to get another chance to dive into the zombie apocalypse world that Techland crafted up. Unfortunately, it was a slow long process of getting actual updates for the title.

We knew that there was an update coming out for the game and while the developers stated there wasn’t a release date attached, this latest video upload from Dying Light’s official YouTube channel confirmed that players will receive the game at some point this year. That’s great news for fans but it could also mean waiting to the very end of 2021 at this point since we’re left waiting on the official release date announcement.

Outside of that, the developers are hearing fans loud and clear. They want Dying Light 2, but before they can get it, Techland needs to ensure that the game they are working on meets their standards. At the end of the day, the developers want to deliver a fun video game title that players will be playing for a long time. Likewise, they want to ensure it’s ready for a release, we all remember the push to get Cyberpunk 2077 out into the marketplace before it was ready. 

Source: YouTube