Techland Confirms Dying Light 2 Is Not In Development Hell


While we can expect an update to come out this week, it won’t be one that will feature a release date announcement. This is according to a developer message on their Discord server. That may be disappointing for some fans, but it looks like the developers will have some more substantial news to share when the time comes.

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Techland delivered quite the iconic open-world zombie game with Dead Island. It was a uniquely bright and vibrant world where players took on an assortment of undead hordes with the use of everyday melee-style weapons. While the game was a hit and it eventually saw the announcement of a sequel, the title would be developed under another studio as Techland left Dead Island to continue on with a new IP called Dying Light. A game that traded the vibrant colors for a more bleak undead world with zombies that proved to be far more difficult during nightfall.

While Dying Light was also a big hit and was unveiled to have a sequel, there’s been little movement in terms of marketing. Both Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2 has been labeled by so many in the online community as titles stuck in development hell. With little to no big details to show the progress of the game after their reveals several years ago, it was a wonder on just what the deal may be for these games taking as long as they are. Although these games are dealing with the dead, we’ve heard before that projects are not dead themselves.

In fact, most recently, the Dying Light development studio’s official Twitter account responded to a user online. An online user made a remark of Dying Light 2 being in development hell in which the Twitter account replied that they don’t feel like their project is stuck in dev hell. Instead, the team has been making progress for a while now although they did admit that their initial reveal for Dying Light 2 was a bit too early.

While we’re still waiting for more updates to come out on this game such as a release date, it looks like the studio is preparing something of a reveal for this project soon. In a new tweet, the development team has made note that a new update on the development process of Dying Light 2 will come out on Wednesday so perhaps we’ll finally have some more concrete news in the coming days.

Source: Twitter

Source Update: Twitter