Watch The PlayStation 5 Stream Event Here

With E3 and all other in-person events cancelled due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, there is more stream alternatives taking place. Sony for instance will be having a new stream taking place at 4 PM EST which you can view right in the video embedded above. It’s here that we’re going to get even more information regarding the PlayStation 5 and the upcoming video game titles promised to come out either at launch or later on.

There is also plenty of fans out there hoping for more information regarding the price point and release date for the PlayStation 5. While the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has a release date and a price tag already for fans to make note of, we’re left waiting for Sony to make their grand announcement. Most fans are expecting that information to come out during this stream. Again, the stream is available to watch above although afterwards we’ll supply some highlights and the video footage available post-stream when it becomes available.