007 GoldenEye Anticipated Fan Remake Gets Shutdown 

The Nintendo 64 was quite the popular video game console back in the 1990s and while fans may admit that today some of the games may not hold up as well today, there are still some titles that fondly looked back on. For instance, we’ve received one of the most highly reviewed The Legend of Zelda titles, Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64 greatly innovated the game franchise altogether, Mario debuted in a 3D world with Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros was born on the console as well. However, for party games, most would instantly think back to 007 GoldenEye

Developed by Rare, the game was such an iconic game that followed the cinematic film of the same name. While fans could probably point out different levels featured in the game from the campaign, the main reason so many people picked up this title on the console was due to the multiplayer aspect. This was such a massively popular FPS game that fans couldn’t wait to get together and duke it out with the various different maps, weapons, and characters.

Being such an iconic game, it was only a matter of time before fans started to offer remakes. We’ve seen some release in the past, but there is one title in particular that gained some traction with not only the fan base but developers who worked on the original game. That’s of course, GoldenEye 25, a remake of the full game using Unreal Engine 4. This title was being developed for a few years and while some games are quickly killed off, there are others that can linger on for a good long while before being axed. 

Unfortunately, three years of work went into this game before the developer was asked to cease developing the title. This came from the IP holder of James Bond, MGM. While the game was already praised online, instead of killing the game off completely, the developer is simply going to repurposed the assets and deliver his own unique IP. Stripped of any references to James Bond or the franchise, players that want a nostalgic 90s style action shooter may still find some interest in what is now called Project Ianus

There’s no telling just how long of a wait this will be before we’re able to get our hands on this Project Ianus, but we’re glad to see that hard work is not going to waste. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on Project Ianus from the Twitter account right here.

Source: VGC