Developer Comments On Cooking Mama: Cookstar Cryptocurrency Claims

The internet can quickly cause an uproar and the targets can at times be so devastating that it’s nearly impossible to regain traction. So when the development team 1st Playable Released Cooking Mama: Cookstar into the market, they were likely not fond of the reports starting to turn up online. Online forums and rumors started to circulate that the game was packed in with software that allowed resources from the Nintendo Switch to cryptocurrency mining. This story really started to blow up as the game was pulled from the Nintendo eShop and boxed retail copies were scarce.

With the scarce copies available of the game, these rumors started to carry some weight. Now that this story has blown up online the development team was able to clear the air and alert fans that these reports are false. There’s no software in the game that is allowing the studio to earn money through mining and that the title is not causing your Nintendo Switch units to heat up.

Nothing was implemented into their titles including Cooking Mama: Cookstar Currency according to a Tweet that was sent out from the official Cooking Mama: Cookstar account. With that said, there are still reports coming out that units are pretty scarce online. Fans are finding it tough to find a copy of the game and there is no word on just why Nintendo dropped the game from their eShop. 

At the moment, we don’t have any word on just why the game is having trouble making it into retailers or if we’ll see the game pop back up digitally. With that said, the development studio did state that they are working to get everything sorted out so that they can once again allow the title to be posted on the Nintendo eShop.

Source: IGN