Capcom Is Releasing The Resident Evil 3 Demo This Week

Capcom has been on a roll lately with the Resident Evil franchise. After the successful launch of Resident Evil 7, the development studio opted to go back and bring back a remake of Resident Evil 2. Now that the title has been out for over a year now, we’re going to be moving onto another anticipated release from the franchise, Resident Evil 3. The video game has been talked about quite heavily over the past couple of months and today we’re finding out that a demo is heading our way soon.

In a new announcement from Capcom, the Resident Evil 3 demo will be available on March 19, 2020, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Best of all, it doesn’t look like Capcom is following their previous demo release for Resident Evil 2. If you don’t recall, the demo for that particular installment focused on a time limit along with a restriction of only one playthrough. This made it difficult for players who really want to take in the available areas for the demo.

With that said, this demo will contain a section of the full game where players are taking the role of Jill Valentine and it may find that the game demo will feature the Nemesis. For those that are also interested in the upcoming multiplayer component of Resident Evil 3 known as Resistance, then you’ll find that an open beta will begin a few days later on March 27. This beta will be available for the same platforms but do take note that the beta will come to an end on April 3, 2020.

Currently, Capcom is set to release Resident Evil 3 on April 3, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. You can take a look at the trailer for the game above along with a trailer for Resistance down below.

Source: Capcom