Need For Speed Franchise Returns To Criterion

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There are a few racing video game franchises that have become a big hit and a staple to the genre. One of those big titles that always generates interest is Need For Speed and while it’s been around for console generations at this point, there were a few different development studios that had their hands on the franchise. One of the developers that had worked a few installments was Criterion.

The UK studio was responsible for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed: Most Wanted, but that wasn’t the only racing video game franchise they had in the mix. In the past, this development studio brought out the Burnout franchise which had a big following as well. Unfortunately, the developers lost Need For Speed when EA gave the IP to be worked on Ghost Games. Criterion was being downsized and since then the studio had pivoted to helping out on other EA projects.

Now there seems to be a swap in development studios as Ghost Games is being downsized and will now be supporting other EA projects going forward. This means that the former Need For Speed developer will be working on the franchise going forward. We don’t know just what the development studio has planned, but Criterion has had a decent track record in the past.

There’s no word on what exactly Ghost Games will be working on as the last title released was the 2019 release of Need For Speed: Heat, meanwhile, Criterion was last working on additional work for Battlefield V.

Source: IGN