Cory Barlog Would Be Interested In God of War Netflix Series

When it comes to streaming services, we have seen some beloved IPs turned into a televised series. For instance, we have Castlevania’s animated series, The Witcher received an adaptation which was based around a novel series that gained worldwide popularity over the video game trilogy, and there have even been some rumors of a Resident Evil series in the works. Now we could potentially see God of War make a jump to a televised streaming service.

When the question came up on Twitter from Twitter account, asked their followers what other video game IPs would you like to see adapted to a Netflix-style series, Cory Barlog responded. According to Cody Barlog, he thinks that a God of War series could potentially do well.

For those who may not be aware of Cody Barlog, this is the director behind the God of War video game franchise. With the series consistently being a big hit each installment and a soft reboot sparking interest in the franchise once again for the PlayStation 4, perhaps a Netflix-style series could do well. Unfortunately, this is purely just a tweet from the game director and nothing official is in the works or at least we’re unaware of a God of War series being adapted.

In a follow-up tweet, Cory Barlog made sure to reassure that this was not a hint at anything. Instead, this is just something that he believes would make for a great TV show with the characters, relationships and the world you would get to explore. While God of War is being thrown out there as a potentially interesting TV series, what other video game IPs would make for a compelling series?

Source: Twitter