TGA 2019: Wolf Among Us 2 Makes its Triumphant Return

Coming as one of the biggest surprises of the night, it was announced during The Game Awards 2019 that Wolf Among Us will return for a second season. Check out the trailer down below and be sure to let us know if your as shocked as we are in the comments below.

The announcement comes as a big shock as Telltale confirmed that they were not working on any further projects after going bankrupt in 2018. However, it seems a new development is in action, with DC and WB Games now on board to produce the highly anticipated second season, similar to how Skybound Entertainment did for the final season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

The Game of Awards 2019 had no short of surprises and announcements. Throughout the night, viewers live in attendance and watching through stream were graced with a slew of world premieres, exciting gameplay, live performances and so much more.

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As of now, no further details about Wolf Among Us season 2 have been revealed, so I guess now we must revel in this exciting news and hope more information comes out soon. What are your thoughts on this news?

Source: Heather Newman via Youtube