Trover Saves the Universe Nintendo Launch Trailer Showcases the Game in Action


Squanch Games and Nintendo released a new launch trailer for the newly announced port from PS4 and PSVR — Trover Saves the Universe.

Known for its crazy story, hilarious commentary, and fun action platforming gameplay, Trover Saves the Universe is now available on the Nintendo Switch, so the fun can be taken on the go! Join Trover and save the universe, and if you’re a fan of Justin Roiland and the hit adult animation — Rick and Morty, then this game will be right up your lane.

The launch trailer is short and sweet, while showing off just enough of the games highlights. The Nintendo version of the game will come with the recently released DLC for free!

Check out the brand new launch trailer for Trover Saves the Universe for the Nintendo Switch down below:

Most similarly compared to Justin Roiland’s other work — Rick and Morty — Trover Saves the Universe balance a fine line of comedy gold and deeper messages through the entirety of the game.

The beauty of this title is that even though its made for VR in mind, users who don’t own one can still pick up and game and play it for themselves in regular 2D fashion! If you’re on the fence on whether or not to pick up the recently new title, check out our review roundup for Trover Saves the Universe right here!

Trover will be available on Switch in the Nintendo Game Store on November 28th. As for Xbox One players, Trover will be available through the Microsoft Store starting December 3rd.

Are you planning to pick up the critically acclaimed title from Squanch Games? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube