Netflix Will Not Enter Video Game Streaming Service

Netflix is a massive company that’s been around for years now. It’s one of the reasons we’ve seen the death of video rental locations like Blockbuster. With access to countless movies, TV series and of course their original content, just by going through an application, it’s seemingly not slowing down with its services anytime soon. However, it has left some speculating that perhaps we would see Netflix enter the video game streaming service as well.

This generation of video game consoles and especially now with the focus more on the next-generation platform releases, we’re seeing more companies offer a video game service. With the likes of PlayStation Now, gamers can quickly gain access to video game titles for a monthly fee and from there they can simply stream the content to their console or download them for later use. As a result, we’re seeing more companies enter the ring by providing access to video game titles, but one company that is bowing out on the idea is Netflix.

Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings was speaking during the DealBook 2019 event where the question came up about Netflix offering a video game service. Reed Hastings was quick to shut that idea down and claimed that the company as a whole is currently focusing on films and series rather than a game-streaming service. It looks like there is no reason to branch out right now for the service as they can easily compete with video game streams just by offering compelling content for gamers to put down their controllers in favor of a film or television series. 

We’re not sure if that will hurt Netflix down the line as there’s been plenty of gamers seeking out a company that could deliver a Netflix-style video game streaming service. It would seem that Netflix could offer the funds to make this streaming service a reality, but for now, the other companies will have to battle among themselves to see just which streaming service will standout. 

Source: YouTube, GameSpot