Dying Light Left 4 Dead 2 Crossover In The Works?

When it comes to co-op zombie survival games, there are plenty of options to pick from in the market. However, there is one franchise that really hit some major strides and that’s Valve’s Left 4 Dead. It’s a four-player co-op video game where players complete a series of objectives while using melee weapons and a slew of guns to defeat hordes of zombies. It was senseless fun and unfortunately, only two installments made its way out into the market. 

Regardless, for those who own Dying Light, you may be able to expect some type of Left 4 Dead crossover event in the works. Techland, the developers of Dying Light, has tweeted out a crossover style image and announcement. We don’t know what it means or what to expect, but at the very least Left 4 Dead fans will have something to rejoice about. 

After all, it’s nearly a decade since Left 4 Dead 2 launched into the market. While you may get something Left 4 Dead 2 related in Dying Light, there is more in the works for fans of the franchise. The original development studio behind Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock, has been quietly working on a spiritual successor called Back 4 Blood, though the details are still scarce at the moment. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what Techland has planned.

Source: Twitter