You May Not Get A Shenmue III Steam Key According To Latest Ys Net Email

Shenmue III was a massive surprise years ago. Originally, the Shenmue series was meant to have several installments as it embarked on a grand journey. However, it wasn’t very long into the series that Sega pulled the plug as it couldn’t turn a big enough profit to keep the production afloat. Instead, the Shenmue series only made it through two installments but several years later the creator behind the games took to the stage at an E3 conference. It was unveiled that Ys Net was planning on a Shenmue III video game but only if they could reach a Kickstarter campaign goal. 

Initially, the Kickstarter campaign claimed that the game would be available for backers on PlayStation 4 and Steam. However, it recently changed when Ys Net alerted fans that the game would turn into an Epic Games Store exclusive.

This ultimately just changes the client players will need to access when they wish to go through the game, but there is a pretty big division between those that are in favor of Epic Games Store and veterans of Steam. With that outcry of backers who wanted refunds over the announcement, Ys Net finally alerted that those who wish a refund would receive one soon.

The refunds were set to be taken care of through an email chain that went to the backers. Within this email, backers could either request a refund, a PlayStation 4 code or even request a Steam code. However, the Steam code request is something that may not come to fruition. According to an email that was reported on by Gamerant, Ys Net noted that Steam keys may not be offered as the studio is still working on negotiating with Valve. 

When it comes to Shenmue III, the video game is slated to launch on November 19, 2019, for the PC and PlayStation 4 platform.

Source: Gamerant