Pokemon X and Y: The Fine Art Of Breeding 5 and 6 Perfect IV Pokemon

Pokemon X and Y has no lack of things to do and make guides for, and this time we present a guide for IV breeding. Warning to beginners; this is an advanced, time consuming technique. You’re welcome to try it out for sure, but you may want to finish the game at least once first.

IV refer to individual values, also known as DVs, or determinant values. IVs are Pokemon genes. They determine what stats a particular Pokemon has. A Pokemon’s base stats, IVs, and EVs (effort values)combine to make a Pokemon’s actual stat number.

You can learn more about the basics of IVs here and breeding here. For this guide, we’re focusing Pokemon X and Y, and how to breed Pokemon with 5 perfect IVs. We’ll cover how to breed one with 6 perfect IVs too.

  • To get this done, you will need Everstone, an item that stops evolutions from happening, and Destiny Knot, which will make Pokemon infatuated to each other, and also make children inherit 5 IVs from their parents.
  • You will also need specific items that are associated with the stats you want. In this example, we are using Dratini, the Pokemon that looks like a sea serpent. We want Dratini to have perfect Attack and Speed IVs. Therefore, we will need Power Bracer for Attack and Power Anklet for Speed.
  • Finally, we need to breed with Dittos. Whether you’re using male or female Pokemon, they can pass hidden abilities through a Ditto.

Now, this is what you need to do:

  1. To start, breed the Dratini and the Ditto. Ditto needs to hold the Everstone. Hatch the resulting offspring.
  2. The offspring will be another Dratini. Put it in daycare with a Ditto that has perfect Attack IVs, and is holding Power Bracer. Power Bracer guarantees Attack will be passed down. Hatch the next generation of Dratini and attach the Everstone to it. At this point, the Pokemon that is not Ditto should always have the Everstone.
  3. At this point, the Dratini has perfect Attack IVs. Now we take a Ditto with perfect Speed IVs, and attach Power Anklet to it. Breed the two Pokemon.
  4. Unfortunately, at this point, the next generation Dratini may not have perfect Attack IVs, even though it’s sure to have perfect Speed IVs. This is because each generation inherits 3 Stats from its parents, with another 3 randomly generated. If you get Attack at random, then you lose the perfect Attack IVs. The only way to get around this for sure is if you managed to get Ditto with Perfect Attack and Speed for the whole process.
  5. Basically, you need to keep breeding over and over until the judge in Kiloude City confirms you have a Dratini with both Attack and Speed IVs at their maximum.
  6. If you breed this Dratini with max Attack and Speed IVs now, you will only get 3 Perfect IVs. Getting a Grand Slam 5 IVs requires you find a Ditto with several Perfect IVs. At the very least, said Ditto must have Perfect IVs for the two stats your Dratini does not have yet.
  7. Finally, you use the Destiny Knot and breed them. There is still an element of randomness so there is a possibility the resulting offspring Dratini will still be imperfect. In this case, you breed the new offspring Dratini, which has inherited more perfect traits, to the Ditto, using the Destiny Knot, and try again. You are never guaranteed you will get a hidden ability, so this process may take hours, but this reduces all variables so that getting that 5 perfect IV Pokemon is a matter of time.
  8. Now, say you want to breed a Dratini with 6 perfect IVs. You will want to repeat the last breeding pattern until you get another 5 perfect IV Dratini with a different gender. You breed these two perfect IV Dratinis, one holding the Everstone and the other the Destiny Knot. You repeat this ad nauseam as well and you will eventually get that 6 perfect IV Pokemon.

That was a lot to go through, wasn't it? You can get additional information and tips from our source below.

Source: Reddit