Apex Legends Solos Mode Starts Today

The battle royale game mode is immensely popular today and it’s constantly growing. We’re seeing plenty of new video game titles jump into the market offering purely a battle royale mode along with other already established IPs receiving the game mode as well. While the list of battle royales are constantly growing, there are a few notable titles that remain popular such as Apex Legends. Speaking of Apex Legends, the game is finally receiving the solos mode right now.

Battle royales often feature a few different game modes which vary on the number of people in a team. However, there is usually a solos mode available where the game pins all the players against each other with only one true victor. When Respawn Entertainment made the surprise reveal of Apex Legends it was released without the solos mode attached. Instead, this is a three-player team battle royale game with an intuitive system attached to allow players to easily communicate without the need of a microphone.

Still, there’s plenty of gamers out there that have been pleading Respawn Entertainment to add solos and even a duos game mode into their battle royale. Today starts the limited-time mode that allows solos which will last for about two weeks. Unfortunately, this is just a timed event so we don’t know if this solos mode will come back anytime soon or not. However, depending on how popular this game mode gets while being tested out as a limited timed event may sway Respawn Entertainment to add the mode into the game permanently. 

Only time will tell if this solos mode ends up being a success for Respawn Entertainment and if it’s a game mode that players will even flock to after a few days into the limited timed event. For those of you who have yet to try Apex Legends, this is a free-to-play video game title that is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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