Fan Uploads John Wick NES Game For Free

John Wick recently had its third installment release on the big screen and you may have seen an NES style version of the film series upload online about a month ago. This video showed off what a John Wick style game might have looked like back in the 1980s and now, we can enjoy the game fully thanks to a fan who delivered the goods on The video game is an action platformer and you can enjoy it right now for free, just as long as the game doesn’t end up getting a cease and desist order.

As mentioned, the game gives off some old school NES gameplay vibes and as such you can expect a side-scrolling 2D platformer. This may not appeal to everyone, but if you grew up on the original Nintendo Entertainment System or just enjoy retro gaming, it may provide some entertainment this weekend if you decide to give it a go. Developed by Murilodev, the creator used the art assets that were made by Danilo Noites and Dominic Ninmark, the two responsible for the original gameplay footage of the John Wick NES style game.

In fact, we’ll include the original John Wick: The NES Game footage that has been making its round online since it was uploaded in May of this year. If you’re looking to give this game a go then you can find a copy of it through the link right here. This could also kill some time before an official John Wick game is released into the market, John Wick Hex.

Source:, Game Informer