Sony Currently In The Market For Acquiring Additional Game Studios

When it comes to video game exclusives this generation, there is certainly a ton of options to run with for the Sony PlayStation 4 platform. However, with E3 2019 done and over with, there may have been some concern as to what we can expect from Sony going into the next generation. While Microsoft wasn’t very unveiling when it came to the upcoming Xbox platform, we do know that Microsoft has a few studios locked down under their control. Likewise, Google Stadia quickly gained traction and it is becoming a possible platform of choice for gamers worldwide.

As a result, the main concern will be the exclusives each platform will bring in the coming generation. Sony will have to continue to work hard in order to provide additional exclusives and according to Jim Ryan, exclusive content is more important than ever before. Jim Ryan is the SIE CEO who spoke with Nikkei on the matter of exclusive content and what it means for the next generation of platforms. While exclusives have always been an important part of the video game industry, it’s the fact that new competitors such as Google that are causing a scare. Google is a massive worldwide company and they easily have the funds to really compete against the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

This means that its going to be a war for exclusives and the way companies like Sony can pump out exclusives on a regular basis is by having enough studios under their umbrella. Jim Ryan confirmed that Sony is looking at various studios to acquire in order to pump out more games that can only be played by those who own a PlayStation 5. Of course, with that said, we don’t know what studios are currently being considered for purchase by Sony.

Source: Nikkei, PlayStation Lifestyle