Days Gone Free DLC Adds New Difficulty Mode and Weekly Challenges, Available Now

days gone

Game director of Bend Studio Jeff Ross, took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Days Gone first set of free DLC will be dropping today!

Yes, new DLC has been released the recently released first party Sony game. The DLC however, isn’t anything too grand, its more on the subtle side of things; nonetheless its still free DLC.

The new DLC that will be making its way to Days Gone today is the long-awaited survival difficulty mode and weekly challenges! A new difficulty mode will make players act more strategic in their ways around the post-apocalyptic and the additions to challenges will bring fun to tasks to complete.

In addition, Ross also notes that by completing challenges fans will be able to finally change Deacon’s outfits. At the moment there are three different outfits players can change into — apocalypse Deacon, flashback Deacon, and for some odd reason, shirtless Deacon

Check out a more detailed look at the new content that is set to release in Days Gone from Jeff Ross himself down below:

Survival Difficulty Mode

Survival difficulty mode kicks things off today. This builds on top of the current hard mode, with many tuning changes that create a much more challenging experience surviving the Central Oregon wilderness. Not only are the enemies harder, but you can’t bypass them using Fast Travel. This mode also features an immersive HUD that increases tension by removing enemy awareness indicators and outlines. The HUD is turned off, but players can temporarily display it by activating Survival Vision. In addition to bragging rights, players will earn new bike skins and trophies that can only be acquired by playing and beating Survival difficulty.

Weekly Challenges

Later in June, we will begin releasing Challenges. Each week a new combat, bike, or horde challenge drops with unique rules and scoring modifiers. Doing well at challenges awards wearable patches that come with perks. Patches provide small gameplay improvements like increased health, faster stamina recharging, decreased focus cost, greater melee weapon durability, better gun accuracy from the bike, and more. Patch benefits stack and even carry back into the main game. Players also earn rank and credits to buy character skins, bike skins, and wearable rings that provide more potent gameplay perks to help players perform better at all challenges.

Our first gameplay challenge, “Surrounded,” drops in late June. Players must survive an infinite horde onslaught in the town of Sherman’s Camp. They’ll be scored on how long they survive against not only the Freakers, but a clock that is constantly ticking down — killing Freakers adds more time so players can’t run and hide — they have to stay engaged in the fight to get the best score. They can also earn point multipliers by executing specific sub-challenges like environmental kills, headshots, and collecting ears while on the run.

Days Gone is now available for PS4.

Source: PS Blog