Medievil Receives New Story Trailer and Official Release Date for October 25


Sony has shared some exciting news about one of their highly anticipated classic PlayStation remake titles, Medievil. Thanks to State of Play live stream, we got a new story trailer for the game and an official release date for October 25th!

Yes, longtime fans won’t have to wait much longer as the highly anticipated title will launch right in time for Halloween 2019! In addition to the exciting news for the release date, we also got a new story trailer. We get to see a little bit about our beloved hero Sir Dan and the quest players will embark on later this year!

Check out the new Medievil story trailer down below:

Nick Accordino Producer SIE took to the PlayStation Blog:

The journey will bring you face to face with hordes of unspeakable enemies, a whole host of heroes will be there to help guide you on your way and provide Sir Dan with an ever-expanding repertoire of weapons and shields to aid him in his quest. Everything from enchanted swords to gigantic hammers, crossbows, throwing knives and axes are at your disposal, but you’ll need to use them wisely, lest you lose your head. (Again.)

And make no bones about it, even if you’re familiar with Dan’s first outing, everything you remember back in ways that will make your head spin. In addition to a complete graphical overhaul, an improved camera system, and a brand-new narrator (brought to life by veteran voice actress Lani Minella) we’re adding a whole casket full of secrets to this PlayStation classic that we can’t wait for you to dig up.

Medievil is set to launch exclusively for the PS4 on October 25. Are you excited for the highly anticipated PlayStation Classic remake? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube