XIII Remake Will Hit The Market This November

If you can recall back around 2003 you may remember an Ubisoft title known as XIII. This was a cel-shaded comic book style video game where players took control of a character with no memories and being hunted down for being accused of killing the president of the United States. The game released with mixed reviews which is a shame for those who really enjoyed the game as it ends with a cliffhanger and a message that said a sequel would be coming. Unfortunately, as the years went by we didn’t get that promised sequel leaving gamers wondering what happened to our protagonist at the very end of this game.

Now while we are not getting a sequel to the game, we are getting a remake. This new remake will be coming out for all current platforms later this year. Ubisoft is not publishing the title this time around but instead a French publisher by the name of Microids while development would be handled by Playmagic. We don’t have too much information on the remake right now so it’s uncertain if there will be any changes in either the mechanics or storyline.

One thing is for sure, we could possibly see an actual ending played out rather than having players go through the game and leave on a cliffhanger. For now, it looks like XIII will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms on November 13, 2019.

Source: Game Informer