Does Sony’s Latest Patent Showcase The Next Gen PlayStation VR?

There’s a lot of talk lately about what’s to come for the consoles. We have murmurings about Microsoft’s next-generation console and whether it will be revealed at E3 2019. Likewise, there are talks of what’s to come with the PlayStation 5, a console that’s definitely not going to be present at E3 this year because, well, Sony’s not going to be present this year. However, that doesn’t mean we are not getting a swarm of reports, rumors, and speculation about what’s to come.

One element that may be present in the PlayStation 5 is the PlayStation VR or otherwise known as the PSVR. This is Sony’s answer to the craze and trend of virtual reality headsets. VR in itself can be debatable on whether the platform is really picking up steam or not, but it does appear that Sony is looking to further tweak their headset thanks to a new patent discovered online. This patent will apparently make the headset wireless. Now if you ever played a virtual reality headset then you know that there are a few things that can take you out of the in-game world which is the lack of motion controls at times and definitely getting your headset cord snagged on something.

While motion controls are available on the PlayStation 4, the dreaded cord snag is still very much a hassle. This is one aspect that may be gone in the next generation of this headset. The patent showcases the PSVR headset without wires but instead being monitored by a separate breakout box that would monitor the movement of the device while also displaying the picture. It would apparently work by being able to switch transmission frequencies at will.

A few things we don’t know about this patent is if this would be meant for PlayStation 4 owners or if this is a new headset that would be coming for the PlayStation 5. Likewise, having no wires would mean potentially running on some type of battery and I’m not sure how long something like a PSVR would last with a battery. Not to mention, these headsets can get quite hot and soak up some sweat over a period of time.

Patents are not meant to be a guideline of what’s to come. Really, this device or feature may never materialize. But, with that said, it looks like Sony is still keeping their PSVR platform in-mind thanks to this latest discovery.


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