Original Dead Space Executive Producer Would Love Franchise Reboot

Dead Space was a franchise that was so worldwide renown when it first released that everyone had to pick up a copy of this horror video game. However, after three installments, the franchise was shut down by EA along with the Visceral studio a short time later. Now that some time has passed, perhaps a resurgence could create a fourth installment or a sequel to that franchise in general. It looks like one executive producer from the original title wouldn’t mind getting back into the series.

Glen Schofield, the co-founder of Sledgehammer Games and once the executive producer of Dead Space, spoke about the franchise during a talk with Game Informer. It was during that talk where Glen revealed his interest in going back to Dead Space, though he wouldn’t want to dive into a fourth installment necessarily. According to Glen, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 started to really complex the narrative a bit too much.

However, the chance of it happening is very slim. When pressed about EA’s current standards and just what would it take for a new installment to come out from the franchise, it appears that the latest reports are still ringing true. It’s all about creating an experience that would keep fans playing for the long haul and honestly that may kill what fans enjoyed about the franchise. Survival horror-style video games don’t necessarily have a long haul type of experience.

There’s really no crowd of gamers jumping online and working together in order to progress the narrative and campaign. That seems to be the latest trend as of late with these games as a service along with battle royale titles. We’re not saying they don’t belong, but perhaps they wouldn’t work for certain franchises like Dead Space and until that trend dwindles down, we likely won’t see a new installment anytime soon.

Regardless, it’s nice to see that veterans like Glen Schofield interested in the game franchise after all these years have passed.

[Source: Game Informer; Gamerant]