Insomniac Games Adds “Sam Raimi Suit” to Marvel’s Spider-Man for Free


Insomniac Games announced this morning that the long-awaited and much-requested Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit will be available in their latest title, Marvel’s Spider-Man for free!

The developers were very gracious for giving this suit away for free, as it could easily have been sold separately up to $5. The pestering and downright rude fans gave Insomniac Games no ends of trouble, they didn’t have to add the suit, but they did and on top of that, it’s for free!

The suit is looking absolutely stunning and as a fan of the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, this suit could easily be my favorite in the game; and there’s a lot of good suits to choose from.

Check out the official tweet down below:

In recent Spider-Man news, the upcoming DLC — Silver Linings — will be the epic finale of the post-launch content. It has been a crazy ride with characters such as Black Cat, Hammerhead, and now the return of Silver Sable. With three new suits (Into the Spiderverse), new missions, and trophies to earn, players should be very excited. Learn more about the upcoming DLC, right here!

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available to play exclusively on the PS4. How excited are you for the Raimi suit? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter