Blizzard Will Continue To Make New Mobile Games From All IPs

Blizzard recently held their convention where gamers tuned in to see about the latest installment to the Diablo franchise. While most gamers were hoping for a Diablo 4, what fans were instead introduced to was a mobile title known as Diablo Immortal. We don’t have to explain the reception from most gamers as the outcry was heavily featured online. If you were, however, wondering if this could lead to more mobile titles to be in the works it looks like we can quickly answer that question.

In an interview with Blizzard’s Production Director Dan Elggren along with Co-Founder Allen Adham, Digital Trends was able to get their mindset regarding the mobile market. When Digital Trends asked the question on just what made the developers seek out the mobile market it was revealed that the development team enjoys mobile games and that they are always looking to try new things along with platforms.

Allen Adham also stated that they are hoping to make the mobile gaming market another useful platform with developers seeking to bring out more mobile titles from their IPs. Diablo Immortal may not have had the warmest welcome but it appears that Blizzard is pushing forward and will start to announce other titles from their beloved franchises.

Currently, there are no new announcements as to what’s coming from Blizzard and it doesn’t appear that Diablo Immortal has a strict release date yet. Instead, we have learned that Diablo Immortal is still very much early into the development cycle.

[Source: Digital Trend]