Microsoft Introducing Game Streams With Project xCloud

There’s been a movement for a good while now to bring big triple AAA video game titles to your home without the need for a beefy computer or console. Streaming has been the go-to route for some gamers who have been jumping from service to service as they grow up only to be bought out. Currently, the big contender for this service has been Sony with their PlayStation Now. This service would allow gamers to stream a number of big hit titles on both the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. However, it looks like Microsoft is tapping into the market as well.

Microsoft recently revealed their latest venture known as Project xCloud which will essentially provide the same overall concept that Sony has been giving consumers with PlayStation Now. With that said, Microsoft is looking to offer more potential coverage as to what gamers can use the service on. Instead of just console and PC platforms, it looks as if Microsoft is attempting to bring their game streaming service to smartphones as well.

The service doesn’t have too many details quite yet but we do know that trials for this service will begin in 2019 where gamers can use an Xbox One console across all of the platforms, but it also seems that gamers can opt to use touchscreen controls for the smartphone platform. A large part of this project is centered on Microsoft Azure which contains a number of data centers already established around the world which would allow the company to easily set this service up.

Would you be interested in paying for a Microsoft game stream subscription if it means being able to connect on more devices than what Sony already offers with the PlayStation Now service? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

[Source: The Verge]