Nintendo Direct Rescheduled For Tomorrow

The latest Nintendo Direct was an event that was supposed to happen earlier this month but the video game industry giant had decided to put a hold on the reveal. This was due to an earthquake that hit Hokkaido, Japan as a result, the Nintendo Direct release date was delayed.

This particular Nintendo Direct was set to reveal Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch video games which we’re sure had gamers excited. Now that some time has passed, Nintendo had decided to announce the new date in which the Nintendo Direct would be taking place.

As it stands right now, the upcoming Nintendo Direct will be taking place tomorrow, Thursday, September 13, 2018. The stream will start at 3 PM PT / 6 PM ET where Nintendo is still planning to focus on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS video game titles. We’re unsure as to what video games, in particular, will be making an appearance but for fans of the Nintendo 3DS, we’re sure that it’s a welcomed event simply to see Nintendo continuing to support their previous handheld console.

At any rate, we will, of course, have the latest news regarding the event right here at While we wait for the stream to kick off, let us know what video game titles or features you’re hoping will be addressed during the event by leaving us a comment down below.

[Source: Gamespot]