Days Gone Is Currently Playable From Start To Finish

Following the reveal of Bend Studio’s Days Gone at E3 2016, the game seemingly lost a little bit of momentum. The lack of news and content coming out of the studio made excited gamers skeptical if the game was actually going to ever release or not. During this year E3 the game was also noticeably absent from Sony’s conference, making the game’s development appear even more volatile than was it already was.

Fear not however, as Shuhei Yoshida assures that development is strong and going well.

The President for Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios had an interview with Famitsu (as reported by DualShockers), where he told the magazine that Days Gone is now playable from start to finish, meaning the work up until the launch in February 22 is mainly to do with optimization and polish. This is considerably good news as the bulk of development is actually finished. Could this mean that we may get to see the finished product before the release date of February 22? Who knows…

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