20 CRAZY Things Grand Theft Auto Players Have Done

Grand Theft Auto 5 might’ve been released half a decade ago, but that hasn’t stopped the game from being any less enjoyable now than it was back when it first came out. Beyond its excellent story and gameplay, GTA 5’s multiplayer experience has offered countless memorable experiences for its many players—some of whom took their immersion and engagement with the game above and beyond what is usually seen in video games.

Gamers’ interactions with GTA 5 have led to some very surprising events both within the game and outside, in the real world—some of which has been hilarious or even inspiring, and others that just make the mind boggle. All of them, of course, have resulted in some hilariously crazy stories that could have only come from a game as great as GTA 5.

#20 GTA Player Hires Cheater to Rescue Him From Another Cheater

Cheating used to be pretty rife in GTA Online, GTA 5’s multiplayer component. Despite there being so many hackers on the loose, a player named Rev Drucifer, who spent thousands of hours in the game, made it his mission to create a character that was specifically focused on killing other players and maintaining a high kill/death ratio—perhaps the highest in the game’s online world… without cheating.

One day when he logged onto a server and ran into a cheater who caused his character to shoot bags of money out of his ass, he knew that his efforts would be completely messed up because he was flagged by the system as a cheater for having so much money and tossed into the game’s “Bad Sport Lobby,” which is restricted to those who cheat.

He complained to Rockstar Support to ask them to remove him from the Bad Sport Lobby, but they told him they were unable to do so. Totally exasperated, Drucifer made a choice he didn’t think he’d have to and contacted another cheater—but one who seemed trustworthy, who was willing to help him. Luckily for him, the cheater managed to pull his character out of the Bad Sport Lobby and restore his settings.

He’s a cheater with a heart of gold.