Microsoft Registers a Handful of Halo Spartan Assault Domains

With E3 only a week away, Microsoft must find it incredibly difficult to keep any possible game announcements a secret, especially when operating under the public eye.

Over the weekend, Microsoft registered a handful of Halo website domain names for a possible Halo game titled Halo: Spartan Assault.

Using the MarkMonitor brand protection company, Microsoft registered a number of domains in late May. Using the MarkMonitor name, Microsoft registered domains for,,, and

Microsoft previously used the MarkMonitor company name to acquire domains for Halo 7, 8 and 9.

If Microsoft registered these domains at any other time during the year, you could write off the domains as a means to protect the Halo IP. But since the registered domains comes so conveniently close to E3, initial reaction points towards another Halo game.

But with the recent release of Halo 4, don't expect a Halo 5 announcement at least until next year. Instead you should expect (and hope) for a new Halo real-time strategy game. Microsoft disbanded previous Halo Wars developers, Ensemble Studios, which makes a direct sequel to the popular console RTS highly unlikely.

Until next week, both Halo and Halo Wars fans will need to wait patiently to determine if these Microsoft domains amount to anything tangible. 

Source: Fusible