The Station’s Sci-Fi Experiment Concludes With VR This Summer

Enigmatic sci-fi adventure The Station is cranking up the immersion in a virtual reality edition which is set to release in Q3. It will be available on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. Until now, The Station has tantalised players on PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with a dark journey of exploration, environmental puzzle-solving, and exobiological intrigue.

You play as a recon specialist who’s stumbled upon intelligent life. Like any good scientist, you’re keen to ascertain whether nor not it’s safe to establish first contact or keep a healthy distance from these aliens — after all, your surveillance station (Espial) indicates the aliens below are embroiled in a savage war. So when the connection with the Espial is severed, your only shot at understanding the truth is by deciphering remnants left behind: messages, conversations, failed diplomatic negotiations, you name it. The Station‘s developers say the UI feels much more hands on in VR, and allows you to toggle a floating menu at all times for conveneince.

The Station also recently gained a ‘free explore’ mode, which lets you roam through the Espial’s dimly lit corridors without the puzzle-solving backdrop.