The Division Developers Are Working On A Battle Royale Game – Rumor

There’s no doubt that Battle Royale games are all the craze these days, with mobile releases for both Fortnite and PUBG as well as new takes on the genre (H1Z1’s autoroyale) there’s no doubt that larger studios would want to capitalize on the trend. The swedish team behind the MMO third person shooter from Ubisoft are no except – allegedly, besides updating the first Division game, working on the second Division title as well as developing an upcoming Avatar title, Massive Entertainment are also working on a battle royale game.

This news comes from gamereactor who have apparently heard from an anonymous source inside the studio that development is currently underway and has been since January. The story goes that Ubisoft approached them looking to create a Battle Royale game in a short space of time Рwhich they were more than happy to take on the challenge.

As of right now, it’s a rumor so we don’t know if the info is concrete or not – that being said, I think Massive could make a pretty exciting take on the genre, so if it is true, I’m quite keen to see what comes of it.