Figma Link And Samus Figures Being Re-Issued

Those who are into collectables toys and figures might know about Max Factory's Figma Link and Samus figures. Specifically how they sold out in the blink of an eye. Well, good news for those who missed out the first time around; both are getting a second run later this year.

The Figma line, for those who aren't familiar, cherry picks characters from a variety of sources and creates some of the finest detailed and highly posable toys out of them. For the most part, anime characters are the subject matter, but they have a super keen Robocop figure that's the best in its class.

Their take on Link is based upon the one we met in Skyward Sword, and their version of Samus is the one we controlled in Other M. Again, both are highly articulated, to an almost absurd degree, hence why bother were snatched in record time. So the reprints are highly appreciated.

But it's even better this time; Destructoid notes that both will also be available in America officially, via BigBadToyStore. Previously, one had to go through international channels, or eBay, and neither route was particularly cheap.

Both will retail for $49.99, which is how much your average Figma is supposed to go for. BigBadToyStore is accepting pre-orders at the moment; their availability is sometime this winter.

Destructoid also points out that Max Factory's Zero Suit Samus statue is also getting a re-issue. Unlike the Figama, this one is much bigger but not nearly as possible. Plus it comes with a little Metroid. The price for Samus sans armor is $99.99.