Monster Hunter World Switch Port: ‘Hard, But Not Impossible’

If you were losing hope on getting some Monster Hunter: World lovin’ on your hybrid Switch console – it may still be a possibility. The team at Iron Galaxy Studios, who also handled the Switch version of Skyrim have gone on record to say that it could be possible.

Adam Boyes, CEO of the studio took to Twitter to state that Monster Hunter World on the Switch would be “challenging”, but that’s the sort of work that the team at Iron Glaxaxy wants. He stated that Capcom should “give [them] a shot”, and that they wouldn’t “let [them] down”.

In a response to the tweet a fan said that it would be incredibly difficult to port to which Boyes said that while it would indeed be hard, it wouldn’t be impossible.  Considering how well Iron Galaxy manged to handle the Skyrim port, I’d love to see Monster Hunter World get a chance of rebirth on Nintendo’s console.

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Mosnter Hunter World is out now for Xbox One and PS4.