David Jaffe’s Studio Closes Down


David Jaffe, the brains behind the iconic¬†God of War and Twisted Metal series is closing down his studio,¬†Bartlet Jones. The most recent release from Bartlet Jones was Drawn To Death, which released as a free PS Plus game towards the end of last year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t received as a well as the team would have hoped – falling flat in multiple areas.

The news of the closure comes from Jaffe himself as he announced the closure via Twitter. According to some, Bartlet Jones had been prototyping an Iron Man game for the PlayStation VR, though it had not yet been pitched. It genuinely sounds like an awesome concept – but unfortunately, we’ll never be able to see it from Jaffe’s team.

It sucks to see ay studio close down, but I guess it make room for bigger and greater things. If he doesn’t launch a new project, I’m sure we’ll see him doing great things at existing studios.

That being said, Bartlet Jones shutdown does make me wonder what’s going to happen to Drawn To Death. Will support end for this title? Will it get pulled down from the store? Who knows.