Final Fantasy XV Will Get Crossplay Between PC And Xbox One

With the release of FFXV right around the corner for PC players, Square Enix has unveiled some awesome news for both Xbox One and PC gamers. The studio has confirmed that cross-play will be available for these two platforms meaning that you’ll be able to head out on co-op adventures together regardless of if you own a PC as a pose to Xbox One.

The Windows edition of the game will integrate all of the DLC content released for the game so far, including Comrades which enables co-op play.

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In other Final Fantasy news, the pocket version of the title will release in the next few days. Read more about it, here.

Square Enix’s smartphone port of Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition has just received a release date. iOS owners can expect the JRPG February 9th as revealed by a listing on the App Store. The game will be released in episodes, with the first episode being free to download and play, the next two costing $0.99 each, and the ones after that all costing $3.99. If you want to purchase the game in its entirety, you can buy it for $20.