Former Driveclub & Motorstorm Developers Announce New Studio Wushu Studios; Embarking on New Sci-Fi Themed Game

Veteran Developers from some of the biggest titles in gaming, Driveclub and Motorstorm, has revealed today their own independent studio named Wushu Studios. Founded in August 2017, the team is helmed by veteran AAA developers behind the popular MotorStorm and Driveclub franchises, as well as fresh talent from around the world.

Their key goal for moving away from the AAA scene is to create games with interesting mechanics, unique concepts and to deliver fun and refreshing gameplay experiences to players.

Studio lead, Alan McDermott, is thrilled to be working with some of his closest colleagues in the industry again on some really exciting stuff. In addition, he also mentions that fans should expect something different from the usual racing title.

“Our core team at Wushu have worked together closely on numerous projects over the years so there was no downtime in figuring out how to work together, we just fell straight into a groove kicking around game ideas that appealed to us as players and developers”, says studio lead Alan McDermott.

“We firmly believed in the idea that our initial concepts needed to be gamepad experiences as quickly as possible, so we turned to Unreal Engine for it’s amazing rapid prototyping capabilities. This approach has helped us figure out which of our concepts would allow us to flex our creative muscle most. It’s definitely not what
people will be expecting to see from us; it’s absolutely not a racing game!”

The studio is currently supporting a team of 11 developers and expanding, but of those 11 there are some of the highest talents in the game industry to date.

There is studio lead Alan McDermott which worked at Evolution Studios and PlayStation for the past 11 years; there’s Nigel Kershaw, the design director, which has been working in the video games industry for nearly 30 years; and then there’s Stuart Trevor, an industry veteran of 15 years, heads up the artistic side of the party as studio art director,who has worked on major IPs and brands such as Dark Souls, Saint’s Row, SEGA, Adidas and Ford.

Another industry icon is the famously known Twitter user Shinobi602. Shinobi is most known for his informal tweets about inside video game scoops, breaking news, and much more. It is pretty crazy to see Shinobi join such an ambitious project and we here at Gameranx wish him all the best. Please be sure to follow them on Twitter at @wushustudios for updates as well as @Shinobi602.

There are no hard details on the upcoming game as of yet, but they do state the game will be focused on the sci-fi genre. Are you excited to see what Wushu Studios have cooking up in the lab? Let us know what you think down below!