New Trailer For A Way Out Releases; Launch Date Revealed

EA and Hazelight have just revealed a new trailer for their co-op centric title, A Way Out. The studio and devs have also revealed the launch date for the title, alongside a free trial. The free trial is a pretty cool option, allowing gamers whose friends who have purchased the title, to enjoy the full co-op experience without paying a cent.

“A Way Out is a unique co-op experience. The two main characters, Leo, who is cocky and quick to use force, and Vincent, who is controlled and calm, each come with their own history that players will discover as they play. The story is a genre-transcending narrative that’s meant to be played with someone you know,” said Josef Fares, Writer and Director at Hazelight. “We developed the game to be experienced with a friend on the couch, but since that isn’t possible for everyone, those who download the friend’s pass free-trial will be able to play the entire game online with a friend who owns the full game and still get an awesome experience.”

A Way Out follows the story of two imprisoned characters Leo and Vincent, who have to work together and build a relationship based on trust to both get break out of prison.

A Way Out will be available as a digital download for players worldwide beginning March 23, 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin for PC.