Sleep Tight is a Twin-Stick Shooter Inspired by Pixar

Typically, fending off imaginary monsters is a child’s nighttime pursuit, and often a phase that’s grown out of. Not so in We Are Fuzzy‘s debut arcade shooter Sleep Tight, where pillow forts are your first line of defence against beasts that emerge after dark.

In the day, players build turrets and walls, but once bedtime arrives, be prepared for a one minute round of fiendish, action-packed survival that sees you running and gunning or hiding behind barriers.

Once you’ve earned the required credit, you can also unlock new weapons that really pack a punch—Water Soakers, Burst Rifles, Dart Guns and much, much more. The astonishment Mike and Sully would have at seeing kids fight back would be quite a sight.

We Are Fuzzy is an indie team composed of VFX film artists and AAA veterans, whose credits include Far CryLeague of LegendsZootopia and Wreck it Ralph. Co-founder Maxx Burman says he’s been wanting to put his own personal stamp on the games industry for a while:

“Since I was a kid, I always wanted to make games. After 10 years of working on other people’s projects, it was time to make my own, and I wanted to go back to that feeling of pure play…I feel fortunate to work with such talented artists to bring this Pixar-esque world to life. I think it’s an experience that will appeal to the young at heart, no matter their age.” 

Sleep Tight is scheduled to release in 2018 for Nintendo Switch and PC.