Offworld Trading Company’s First Expansion Takes Players to Io

The new expansion for Offworld Trading Company is called Jupiter’s Forge. It not only comes with a new location (Jupiter’s moon, Io), but new buildings, structures, a new resource, black market events, radiation storms, and other environmental issues.

Io has finite resources, and these will deplete overtime. Players will thus be dealing with an “entirely different resource hierarchy,” than what they have become accustomed to on Mars.

The new factions in Jupiter’s Forge also feature a new set of abilities. The developer has this to say about the two factions:

“The Diadem Trust is capable of building improved versions of advanced structures like the Hacker Array, Pleasure Dome, and more, which allows them to gain an edge over the competition. The Penrose Collective is able to return claims at any time and also builds two headquarters at the start of the game, allowing them to spread out their operations.”

Jupiter’s Forge also includes the 1000 Map Challenge, and for every map the player beats, they have the chance to land on the map’s leaderboards. Each map has its own leaderboard, and each new map gets progressively more difficult.

If you’re interested in picking up the base game, it will run you $15 as part of the latest Humble Bundle offering.

Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter’s Forge will be released in late spring.