Psychonauts 2: How To Find All Collectibles In The Questionable Area | 100% Guide

The biggest hub in the game, the Questionable Area is absolutely packed with hidden collectibles. This strange area of the forest is plagued by weird phenomenon — including a waterfall that falls up instead of down. To get all the collectibles here, you’ll have to carefully search the vertical environments by climbing poles, riding updrafts, or riding funiculars. There’s a lot to see and do here, and you’ll want to visit early just to check out your family’s new digs.

The Questionable Area is where the Aquato Family Circus has setup shop. They’re in the old Lumberjack Diner parking lot, and to get some of the best collectibles, you’ll need to help your brother setup the tent, which essentially creates a new landmark on the map. As if there wasn’t already too much to see. You’ll also want to fix the funicular by slapping all the missing gears onto the engine so you can visit the old gift shop and the Far Fetched Falls viewing platform. My personal favorite location is the Cave of Sassclops. Sadly, you won’t be fighting any Sassclops’s here.

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The Questionable Area | 100% Completion Guide

There are four types of collectibles in the real world — PSI Challenge Cards, PSI Challenge Markers, Supply Chests, and Supply Chest Keys. Each collectible is dedicated to earning you more ranks and giving you more PSItanium.

PSI Challenge Card #1: At the Lumberjack Diner, bounce off the front of the old truck to reach this card — and the diner roof.

PSI Challenge Card #2: Found inside the Lumberjack Diner, against the back-left wall.

PSI Challenge Card #3: Inside the Lumberjack Diner, open the door to the right of the kitchen.

PSI Challenge Card #4: Next to the “Rebel Roundabout”, to the left after going through the ticket booth entrance.

PSI Challenge Card #5: Right of the ticket booth entrance, at the base of a tall tree.

PSI Challenge Marker #1: Left of the ticket booth entrance to the forest area, there’s a spot called “Rebel Roundabout” — go left of that and use your Thought Tuner to find some Stray Thoughts. Ride the Mental Connections up to a high tree walkway.

PSI Challenge Card #5: Left of the huge waterfall, there’s a public restroom. Climb the pipe on the roof to get this card. Its on the path to the Funicular.

PSI Challenge Card #6: Enter the Women’s Restroom area and check the middle stall.

PSI Challenge Card #7: On the wooden walkways to the left of the Far-Fetched Falls, and right of the top of the Funicular. There’s a path that leads to a viewing area with this card.

PSI Challenge Card #8: Near the upper viewing platform for the Far-Fetched Falls, at the top of the Funicular, there’s a card above a rope bridge you can hop to from the wooden walkway, near the Psitanium sign.

PSI Challenge Card #9: On the hill to the left of the burned down gift shop at the top of the Funicular.

PSI Challenge Card #10: Inside the burned down gift shop, in the front-left corner.

PSI Challenge Marker #2: On the roof of the burned down gift shop, at the top of the Funicular.

Supply Chest Key #1: Behind the burned down gift shop ruins at the top of the Funicular.

PSI Challenge Card #12: Underneath the arches of the funicular.

PSI Challenge Card #13: On the rocks behind the Lumber Mill.

PSI Challenge Card #14: On a high rock, to the right as you enter the Cave of Sassclops.

PSI Challenge Card #15: Jump the dino ribs in the Cave of Sassclops and find another card near the next exhibit.

PSI Challenge Marker #3 + PSI Challenge Card #16: Use Pyro on the second exhibit sign to reveal a hidden area.

Supply Chest #1: Reach the end of the Cave of Sassclops, then swing on the branches / poles to reach a tree with a walkway around it.

PSI Challenge Card #17: Near the Forgetful Woods, look for a ladder near a sign pointing you to the diner. There’s a card here.

PSI Challenge Card #18: On top of the big hollow trunk on the path to the Forgetful Woods. Use pyro on the campfire spot and ride to updraft to reach it.

PSI Challenge Card #19: Climb the ladder above the public restroom rooftop on the path to the Funicular.

Supply Chest Key #2: From the previous card, climb up and follow the path to a raised tree platform with this key.

PSI Challenge Card #20: From the key, use the bouncy plant to reach another winding tree walkway. The card is floating above a bird nest near a rail.

PSI Challenge Card #21: To the left of the ticket booth, in the parking lot, there’s a tall pole that leads to the top of a tree with a walkway.

PSI Challenge Card #22: Climb the tree covered in vines near the Aquato Dome.

PSI Challenge Marker #4: Climb to the top of the Aquato Dome after helping Dion set it up. At the very top, you’ll get a PSI marker. Can be reached from the previous collectible.

PSI Challenge Marker #5: At the very top of the Lumberjack Diner, on top of the spinning sign. To reach it, reach the roof then walk on the giant lumberjack statue axe. Use PSI Blast on the target once you’re on the tree walkway to reorient the statue.

PSI Challenge Card #23: Behind the Lumberjack Diner, there’s a cracked cave wall you can blast with PSI Blast to break open.

Supply Chest #2: The supply chest is also in this hidden cave.

PSI Challenge Marker #5: Reach the top of the Aquato Dome interior.

PSI Challenge Marker #6: Complete the quest to find all Queesie locations.

Supply Chest Key #3: In the Old Mine, climb the vines near the path to the Quarry and use the hanging stalactites to reach the key platform.

Supply Chest #3: Jump into the hidden cave behind the Far Fetched Falls by using Time Bubble on one of the logs in the center of the falls as it falls up.

PSI Challenge Card #24: Near the Forgetful Forest entrance, there’s a cracked cave wall to the right. Crack it open with PSI Blast.

PSI Challenge Card #25: On the path to the Forgetful Forest, look for a tall pole to the left of the “Campfire?” sign. Climb up and jump onto the platform.

PSI Challenge Card #26-27: At the campfire near the Forgetful Forest entrance, use Pyro and ride the updraft, and land on the wooden platform facing the playground. Use the bouncy green plant to get onto a high tree platform with a view of the playground. There’s one card at the top, then another down the rail.

Supply Chest Key #4: In the Aquato’s camp, use Pyro on the campfire and float to a raised platform with this key.

Supply Chest #4: The last supply chest is also in the Aquato Camp. Use the campfire updraft to reach a platform on the opposite side from the key.