10 Best Farming PlayStation 4 Video Games

Looking for some games that allow you to escape the bustling city for a life on a farm? We got you covered. In this list, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite farming video games that you can pick up and play on the PlayStation 4 today. From wacky farming games to more realism simulators, here are some of the best available right now.

#10 Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon was a pretty massive video game IP back in the day although there are a lot of people out there that would say the IP has kind of hit a few misses these past few years. Regardless, this is still a game series well worth checking into. Each installment has some kind of a twist or new gimmick, but at its core, Harvest Moon is all about running a farm. This means, tilling the land, taking out weeds, planting seeds, watering them, taking care of livestock, and harvesting goods to sell. Meanwhile, there is a town you can venture into which allows players the ability to chat with characters and strike up relationships. As mentioned, there are quite a few that found the game series a bit more lacking and it prompted a spiritual successor that blew up in popularity, Stardew Valley. We’ll be going into Stardew Valley a bit later in this list, but if you’re on the hunt for a farming game that’s a bit more casual then check into the Harvest Moon games for the PlayStation 4.

#9 Real Farm

Real Farm looks to be a competitor to the other iconic farming simulator games, but it does not get a ton of praise. It’s a bit rough, you’re still working on a farm using different equipment, managing staff, harvesting crops and livestock with in-game competitors. While fans have found this game to be a bit rough that doesn’t mean that no updates are coming out to help improve the game. There was a recent update to this game at the time of writing this description that aimed to fix some of the bugs and system mechanics. We’re sure that there are likely more updates inbound to give players some adjustments to the game but at the very least it’s a title worth mentioning here.

#8 No Man’s Sky

It may seem like a bit of an unusual pick for this list if you’re not familiar with this game, but No Man’s Sky is a title worth mentioning here. While the game had a rocky launch, there is a ton of love for the title now. Players are still venturing to different planets and exploring the worlds for resources, but you can farm planets as well. Players can build up a farm to plant and harvest resources. It’s with these resources harvested that players can sell the goods to a Galactic Trade Terminal to get some profits. It might not be the norm for farming simulators but it’s at least worth mentioning in the list.

#7 Pure Farming

Pure Farming is another realistic farming simulation game. It’s all about doing things yourself at the start which can be very slow. From having to prepare the land for crops, building enclosures for animals, and then maintaining everything to ensure the animals are taken care of along with the crops harvest. Things can be pretty taxing on the player at the start, but fortunately, you have a bunch of licensed machinery to make things faster. It takes time at the start but once you have enough money to invest in better equipment, you’ll find that jobs that were once a bit cumbersome to be handled quickly. Another aspect about this game that may appeal to players is the fact that there the ability to farm in different parts of the world. This provides different kinds of crops you could grow so you’re not restricted to any one particular area the entire time.

#6 Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is more of a cutesy family-friendly video game. It’s a futuristic farming simulator where players step into the role of a young girl who takes on a ranch far from Earth. Here we have a ton of different slime creatures that pop up from the ground and their droppings are quite valuable. As a result, players are using high-tech gadgetry to gather these slimes up and put them in different pins. Over a period, you’ll gather more money to buy even better buildings or gear. This will ultimately allow players to further explore the plane you’re on.

#5 Farmer’s Dynasty

Farmer’s Dynasty is a game that has players taking the life of a farmer. Here you’re not just tending crops and livestock but also maintaining your buildings. A lot of what we’ve already mentioned in the past in previous points are here. You have different machinery to help with your crops, there’s an in-game economy to sell your goods for a profit, and different challenges along with NPCs to interact with. However, this game also focuses on fixing up buildings, and in that case, it’s a bit like House Flipper, if you’re familiar with that game. You’ll need to repair, renovate, and decorate your different buildings whether it’s a home or a new shed.

#4 Farming Simulator

Probably one of the more familiar farming simulation games there is out there in the market today is Farming Simulator. The game series got started in 2008 and continues to find new annual releases. The latest of which for the PlayStation 4 is Farming Simulator 2019. This franchise has a pretty big following as well but overall, the game is about taking an old farm and turning it around with new machinery, crops, livestock, buildings, and making smart investments to make your farm grow. There’s also a slew of missions as well for players to complete which further rewards players with more money. Unfortunately, some of the machines and resources players may want to dabble around are locked behind paywalls so you can expect to pay for DLC to get certain vehicle manufactured products like a wood forwarder and harvester.

#3 My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is an action RPG with simulation elements thrown in. The game takes place in a world where civilization has fallen and now years later what’s left of humanity has begun to build the world back up. Players here are taking the role of a character in Portia, a city that’s being rebuilt. You’ll need to help along with the rebuild process which includes harvesting crops, chopping down trees, raising animals, and overall just maintaining a farm. With that said, there is some action gameplay here as well with players being able to explore old ruins and dungeons for new treasure. In these dungeons, you’ll have different hostile enemies to fight off.

#2 Farm Together

Farm Together is another lighthearted farming simulation game that’s played more casually than the more realistic simulation games we listed earlier. This is a more cartoonish video game with players building up a farm, growing plants, taking care of animals, using your money to establish new buildings, and customizing your entire farm. However, where the game shines is the fact that you can take care of a farm with another player. There’s the ability for cooperative gameplay online which supports up to sixteen players total.

#1 Stardew Valley

As mentioned in our Harvest Moon point, we have Stardew Valley. This is a game that was developed from inspiration from the original Harvest Moon video games. Overall, this title focuses on a farming simulator game that has players quitting the bustling city life. Instead of working within the city, players decide to take over their dilapidated farm which was passed down to them from their grandfather. Here players are building it back up with a fresh field of crops and livestock. Meanwhile, just like the original Harvest Moon video games, players can venture into town and participate in different events or even strike up a relationship. Thanks to the positive reception, players can even connect in cooperative gameplay after a series of updates brought in multiplayer support.