The Best Zombie Games For PlayStation 4

Looking to dive into a zombie themed video game? There are a ton of options to choose from on the PlayStation 4. We’re going to offer our personal favorites and games that are often recommended around. If you’re new to the platform or just looking to pick up a game that you might have missed out before, check out our picks down below. With that said, if you don’t see a title that you think should be on this list, then let us know in a comment down below. We’ll continue to monitor and update this list so feel free to voice your recommendations for us to check out.

#8 7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die may be somewhat of a hidden gem. It’s a game all about survival and it’s filled with building, managing, and ultimately preparing for a big upcoming battle. In this game, players must scavenge for resources and keep track of your vitals as you build up a structure. It’s important to keep your structure fortified and ready for the onslaught of zombies that will burst into the area. This is essentially a wave-based type of game, but best of all, 7 Days To Die can be enjoyed with friends as you build up together and aiding each other as you fight against the undead horde.

#7 TellTale Games The Walking Dead Definitive Series

If you’re after a narrative-focused zombie game then we have to recommend Telltale Games The Walking Dead. This game is all about narrative with gameplay mainly focused on QTEs and exploration. With this game, players follow a story of a young girl named Clementine who is stranded during a zombie apocalypse. Most of this game relies on players choosing a series of pathways that will alter the overall narrative. While the game series has been around for years and spans across multiple title, the Telltale Games The Walking Dead Definitive Series offers the series of video games together. Chances are you may have enjoyed the games or perhaps never got around to finishing them up. With this edition you’ll get the full story with some enhancements.

#6 Resident Evil 3 Remake

After having quite the successful release of Resident Evil 2 Remake, Capcom kept the remake trend going with Resident Evil 3. This title could actually be played before Resident Evil 2 as its set around in the same time. Players take the role of Jill Valentine, a few months after the events of Resident Evil. Jill has been on a hunt to find out more dirt on Umbrella Corporation so that she can take the company down legally. One night while relaxing in her Raccoon City apartment, all hell breaks loose as a zombie infection has struck the city leaving panic and chaos in the streets.

To top it off, a new bioweapon has been unleashed to track down and finish off any living STARS members that were at the mansion from the original game. Now Jill is left to flee the city while learning more about the Umbrella Corporation. This game offers the same overall gameplay mechanics from Resident Evil 2 Remake. Players will be exploring the area, solving puzzles and managing limited resources. However, this game is a bit shorter than the previous installments so while you will be exploring, there is smaller set pieces available to really venture in rather than being big elaborate areas such as the Police Station or the mansion from the first installment.

#5 Dying Light

From the developers behind Dead Island came Dying Light, which was another take on a zombie video game. Unlike the bright colorful world in Dead Island, Dying Light offered a more bleak environment to battle through. In this game players take the role of Kyle Crane, a man who is tasked into infiltrating a quarantine city that has been infected with zombie-like virus. There’s two big element to this game that makes it standout compared to Dead Island.

The development team opted to give players the ability to parkour around the map easily which means running and vaulting off of buildings is going to be key in traversing around the city. This is also going to be your means of escape as another element to this game is that zombies become far more aggressive at night leaving it difficult to really fight back. This game was such a hit that the development team has been working on a sequel. However, at the time of writing this description, Dying Light 2 doesn’t have a release date set just yet.