Fortnite: Battle Royale – How To Complete Week 8 Challenges | Season 9 Guide

Season 9 is here for Fortnite and we are gearing up for ten weeks of challenges. This challenges will come in forms of Free Challenges to Battle Pass Challenges. Likewise, season 9 also brings in new content and areas to explore like the Slip Stream and Neo Tilted. If you want a full rundown of what’s new in Fortnite season 9 then we suggest checking out our guide right here. Otherwise, take a look at the currently available challenges below.

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Season 9 Reference Map:

Week 8

Free Challenges

#1 Apply Shields

Consume a total of 400 HP using Shield Potions. It’s simple to complete and you can use any assortment of size potions. However, you need to consume at least 400 HP worth of it.

#2 Visit Clocks

There are three different clocks around the map and all you need to do is visit them. The locations of the clocks are at Junk Junction, Neo Tilted and Happy Hamlet. If you’re uncertain where these locations are then we suggest checking out our reference map above. They will all be located towards the west.

#3 Eliminate Opponents At Snobby Shores or Mega Mall

Epic Games is bumping up the amount of enemies you need to take out. Players will need to eliminate a total of seven opponents at either Snobby Shores or Mega Mall.

Battle Pass Challenge

#1 Damage Opponents With Assault Rifles

This challenge will require any assault rifle you will find out in the map. Simply use one and deal a total of 500 damage to opponents.

#2 Landing Stages

This is a staged challenge which will require players to land at five different spots around the map. Each spot is a named location which you can use our reference map above to see just where each area is before making the jump.

  • Stage #1: Paradise Palms
  • Stage #2: Neo Tilted
  • Stage #3: Mega Mall
  • Stage #4: Pleasant Park
  • Stage #5: Junk Junction

#3 Use Three Travel Items In Single Match

For this challenge you need to use a volcano vent, air vent and a zip line within a single match. You can see that the volcano vents are by Pressure Plant, zip lines are scattered around the map and air vents are typically found in Neo Tilted.

#4 Eliminate Opponents Outside Of Locations

While traveling between named locations, you need to eliminate a total of five opponents. This means going out of the named locations on the map and coming across an enemy. It doesn’t matter what weapon you use but you will need to be the one who gets the kill.

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