Fortnite: Battle Royale – How To Complete Week 7 Challenges | Season 9 Guide

Season 9 is here for Fortnite and we are gearing up for ten weeks of challenges. This challenges will come in forms of Free Challenges to Battle Pass Challenges. Likewise, season 9 also brings in new content and areas to explore like the Slip Stream and Neo Tilted. If you want a full rundown of what’s new in Fortnite season 9 then we suggest checking out our guide right here. Otherwise, take a look at the currently available challenges below.

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Season 9 Reference Map:

Week 7

Free Challenges

#1 Search Chests In Junk Junction or Neo Tilted

This is one an easy challenge to start off with. All you need to do is head towards either Junk Junction or Neo Tilted and simply search a total of seven chests.

#2 Search Ammo Boxes In Different Named Locations

Using our reference map above, just head to any named location near you and search a total of seven ammo boxes using different areas to gather the ammo.

#3 Suppressed Weapons Eliminations

Using any suppressed weapon you would like, all players need to do is get a total of three eliminations with the suppressed weapon. You don’t need to use the same weapon for all three eliminations, just simply find a suppressed gun and use it while going the match normally.

Battle Pass Challenge

#1 Damage Opponents While Riding Vehicle

Players will need to use any vehicle and deal a total of 200 damage. You can find vehicles all over the map, though you’ll find Quadcrashers a bit easier scattered about.

#2 Staged Visits

In this staged challenge, players will need to visit two locations in the same match. Both locations will be named areas so if you need a quick look at where each location is on the map then take a look at the reference image posted above.

  • Stage #1: The Block and Loot Lake
  • Stage #2: Fatal Fields and Neo Tilted
  • Stage #3: Snobby Shores and Mega Mall

#3 Chest, Vending Machine & Campfire

This is a lengthy challenge to do in a single match. Players will need to search any chest then start a campfire. Finally after you’ll need to hit a vending machine and use it. You’ll want to make note that you have the resources available to use the vending machine otherwise you’ll have to hunt down the materials which may prove to be risky. If you accomplish all three tasks then this challenge will be completed.

#4 Eliminate From 5m

Lastly, this challenge will require players to get an eliminations at 5m or less. You’ll need to rack up a total of three of these eliminations so you could use this as an opportunity to also knock out the suppressed weapon elimination challenge as well.

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