Cuphead: 1.2 Update – How To Fight Three New Boss Variants | Secret Boss Locations Guide

The 1.2 Update has landed for Cuphead, and now you can experience a whole bunch of fancy features — including three new hidden boss fight variants. Before drumming up some battle instructions, let’s take a look at everything else new coming to Cuphead on all platforms. The big new changes are fully animated cutscenes and a character select screen. The enhanced cutscenes should really add another layer of immersive 1930’s era animated polish to the game. Who would’ve thought they’d go back and add something so cool?

As far as gameplay goes, the most important change are these three boss fights. There is one boss per island, and it’s important to know that these are not related to the new boss fights that are coming with the DLC add-on. These are totally free fights you’ll find on the standard islands in the game. To encounter these bosses, you’ll need to take a few steps to make these bosses actually appear.

How To Fight Three New Bosses | Secret Boss Locations Guide

There are three new boss variants in Cuphead. To make them appear, follow these steps.

Secret Boss #1: Little Radish – Root Pack

Go to Isle #1 and fight The Root Pack. During this battle, defeat the Potato but don’t attack the Onion that appears after him. After enough time has passed, a Radish will appear instead.

The Radish will appear with the Carrot for the final round. The Radish is totally new!

Secret Boss #2: Puppet Cuphead – Djimmi the Great

Go to Isle #2 and fight Djimmi the Great. Once you reach the third round, transform your airplane into the smallest form. Djimmi will reveal a Puppet Cuphead that fights alongside him in the end of the fight.

Secret Boss #3: Sally’s Sweetheart – Sally Stageplay

Go to Isle #3 and fight Sally Stageplay. During the first round, parry off the heart-kisses to jump onto the cherub angel platforms on the left / right corners of the arena.

Stand on the cherub until you hear a cracking sound effect. Switch up and stand on the opposite cherub angel, and both platforms will collapse.

The stage will collapse and crush Sally’s paramour in the background. Now he’ll appear in the final phase of the fight as a blue angel, helping her with attacks of his own.

And that covers all three new boss fight variants. Here’s looking forward to the new bosses in Cuphead’s major DLC add-on.