Fortnite: Overtime Challenges Guide | How To Get Free Battle Pass

Fortnite is offering gamers a free Battle Pass. This however will require players to put in some work if they want the pass. In order to get the free Battle Pass players will need to complete a series of Fortnite Overtime Challenges. They are slowly being revealed and as a result, we’ll continue to keep this list updated with the latest challenges. For now, take a look at what all you need to complete in order to get the free pass below.

[Note: This is a work-in-progress article. Check back for future updates.]


Overtime Challenges

Collect Coins Within Featured Creative Islands

Go into the Creative mode and start a server. Go to a portal for a Featured Creative Island and see which have coins. All you need to do is head to the islands that have generated coins and collect a total of 15 of them.

Deal Damage To Opponents With Assault Rifles Or Pistols

All you need to do is deal 500 damage with either an assault rifle or a pistol which is easy enough during matches. For instance, you could head to an area within the map that has a cluster of players and just unload until you are rewarded for the challenge.

Search Chests & Ammo Boxes Within Motel or RV Park

You need to open up at least seven chests and/or ammo boxes. The two locations are marked within the map so it’s no hard tracking down the location. In fact, this would be an easy task to complete, but the problem here is that the game is going to be flooded with players trying to also unlock the Battle Pass. As a result, not only can you work to search these chests but you could also easily get your assault rifle damage goal we listed above in these areas.

Place Top 15 Within Duos

Again, this is purely something you can do within the game normally. All you need to do is play the game with duos and work to reach a top 15.

Regain Health From Campfire

So there are a wide number of campfires around the map and you can even deploy the campfire trap. As a result, finding and getting healed won’t be too much trouble. However, because there are more players trying to get a free Battle Pass, these campfires may be used within the round so luckily the game will count the campfires used totally and not in any one particular match. All you need to do is heal yourself with a total of three campfires.

Visit Named Locations

You need to visit at least ten named locations. Just refer to your map and decide where to go from there. Obviously, depending on where you land will determine the best areas to visit but you can head to Polar Peak, Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights, among other areas if you land on the west coast. All you need to do is just head into the area and move on to the next one of your choosing.

Search A Supply Drop

Make your way to a supply drop and search it for items. You’ll need to do this twice, but it doesn’t have to be within the same game match.

Revive A Player

This works best in duos as you need to revive three players. This needs to be done in three different matches so work with a friend and quickly get this challenge completed.

Visit Waterfalls

You need to visit seven waterfalls.

Waterfall Locations

  • Left of Lucky Landing
  • Two southwest of Paradise Palms
  • Lonely Lodge
  • Northwest of Mr. Slick Willyz’s Block
  • Two within Loot Lake
  • South of Snobby Shore

Deal Damage With Shotguns or SMGs

You need to deal 500 damage with a Shotgun or SMG. Again, head to areas like the Motel or RV Park as there will be a cluster of players trying to unlock chests.

Search Chests & Ammo Boxes Within The Block

This is exactly the same as the previous challenge mentioned except you need to head to Mr. Slick Willyz’s Block. Watch out as there will be other players searching for chests along with those trying to rack up the damage needed for gun specific challenges.

Place Top 10 In Squads

For this, all you have to do is reach the top 10 while playing with a squad.

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