New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: What’s New In The Switch Version? | Change List

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is available now, and if you’re wondering what’s different between the original WiiU version and the new Switch update, we’ve provided a pretty comprehensive list below. I haven’t been able to confirm all the changes (one particular secret involving a Mii must’ve been removed, but I haven’t tested it yet) — but I believe this is a pretty complete list. Let’s go over the basic stuff.

First of all, Toadette is in the game. She replaces the Blue Toad, and she comes included with the Super Crown Power-Up that transforms her into Peachette. Yes, this is where that whole Bowsette thing came from. The new character is the only major change to the game. That just leaves all the minor changes, of which there are many. Some of them might even help you enjoy the game a lot more.

One of the best changes (in my opinion) is in the jumping controls. Now Mario can perform a spin-jump mid-air by pressing the button to jump a second time. Super, super easy. You can also play as any character in any mode, or make the super-difficult Luigi U mode a tiny bit easier with Toadette, who gives you more time to complete each level. Check out all the changes in the full list below.

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What’s New In The Switch Version? | Change List


There are lots of undocumented change in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe that aren’t mentioned anywhere in Nintendo marketing material. Here’s a quick, complete list of everything that’s new or changed.

  • Toadette is a new, easier-to-control character that you can select in both modes.
    • Blue Toad has been removed.
    • The new Super Crown Power-Up transforms Toadette into Peachette.
    • When playing as Toadette, 1-Up Mushrooms become 3-Up Moons.
    • Toadette has better traction on ice, and naturally swims like the Penguin Suit.
  • You’re no longer stuck playing as Mario or Luigi. You can now play as any of the available characters.
    • You still can’t select Mario in Super Luigi Bros. U Deluxe.
  • Nabbit, the bonus character, is playable in both Mario and Luigi Bros. U Deluxe.
    • Hold down [ZL] when selecting a stage to play as Nabbit [Original Version].
  • Luigi U Mode can be made easier. Normally, you only have 100 seconds to complete a stage.
    • Play as Toadette or Nabbit to increase the timer to 200 seconds.
    • Playing at Toadette or Nabbit will always add 100 seconds to your timer.
  • Boost Mode has been removed.
    • HD Rumble has been added.
  • You can perform a spin-jump mid-air by tapping the jump button again. Just like a double-jump.
    • You don’t need to use the shoulder buttons.
  • Improved resolution. Display is 1080p in TV Mode, 720p in Handheld Mode.

And that’s (basically) everything! We’ll add any new changes we missed in the future, but for now that should cover all the minor changes between the WiiU version and the Switch version. Really, just being a Switch game — a far more popular console — will make the most difference.