The Best PlayStation 4 Racing Games

The racing genre has seen a plethora of video games on the PlayStation 4 and there bound to be plenty more titles released in the coming years. We marked down some of our personal favorite racing and vehicle based video games available on the platform. While we think that these video game titles are the best racers on the PS4, we want to know your favorite racing video games by leaving a comment down below!

#22 Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

  • Developer: Beenox
  • Publisher: Activision 

While Nintendo had Mario Kart, there was a comparable kart racer that Sony had to compete with. Crash Bandicoot was at a time the mascot for Sony so it was only natural that a kart racer was put out for Sony fans featured the beloved orange bandicoot. Years later we got a remaster of Crash Team Racing which features the same overall experience with players having an assortment of characters from the Crash Bandicoot series while having to race through a series of courses while using both power-ups that will either help boost you along or take out competitive racers. 

#21 Burnout Paradise Remastered
  • Developer: Criterion Games
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts

The Burnout series has been a popular video game racing franchise for a number of console generations now. Originally, Burnout Paradise released in 2008 that featured an open world, several different types of races and select game modes. It was actually just this year that the game saw a remastered edition release for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC gamers are also supposedly receiving the game though, at the time of writing this, the title has yet to be released on the platform.

Within the remastered edition of the game, players will receive most of the DLC packs besides the Time Savers Pack, 60 frames per second support along with support for higher-resolution monitors.

#20 Horizon Chase Turbo
  • Developer: Aquiris Game Studio
  • Publisher: Aquiris Game Studio

Developers Aquiris Game Studio developed Horizon Chase Turbo to mimic the old retro racing titles from the late 1980s and early 1990s. The video game is all about speeding through a series of tracks This is one title that’s worth getting a few friends together and race against one another on the couch. Visually, the game also appears to be similar to the retro and highly popular arcade title, Cruis’n World. As such, expect blazing fast speeds, tracks all over the world and a plethora of muscle cars to choose from.

#19 Race the Sun
  • Developer: Flippfly
  • Publisher: Flippfly

Race the Sun is an endless runner-type racing game. Players take control of a solar-powered spaceship where the end goal is to see just how far you can take the ship. Of course, there are various objects and hostile laser beams to avoid otherwise you’ll end up destroying your ship.

Luckily, the ship can remain at a constant speed so you won’t have to worry about speedups. But with that said since the ship is powered by the sun’s light, if a player drops into the shadows then the ship will drastically lose speed. Outside of the main game, players will have a few different game modes to go through that alters game mechanics such as navigating your ship through a maze-style obstacle course.

#18 Absolute Drift: Zen Edition
  • Developer: Funselektor Labs Inc.
  • Publisher: Funselektor Labs Inc.

Absolute Drift is all about drifting your car around a series of objects or tracks. This is a simplistic style racing game that is played in a top-down sort of view as players will drift through a track in the shortest amount of time possible. There’s not much to this game which makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play.

With a total of six cars, players will be able to drift through over thirty different levels. Of course, if you would like to finely tune your skills then there are free roam areas in which you can practice drifting the different vehicles.

Zen Edition of the game is actually a free update which has added new challenges and events. For those of you who also enjoy a good competitive race with friends, there is an included online leaderboard.

#17 Driveclub Bikes
  • Developer: Evolution
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Driveclub Bikes can be an expansion for Driveclub or as a standalone video game. The title comes from developers Evolution in which the cars Driveclub is known for has been replaced with bikes. With these superbikes from companies such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda, players will be able to race at intense speeds in over seventy different locations.

This game is filled with tours along with events for both single player and multiplayer. Speaking of events, players can even create their own events while tweaking the race-day conditions. New content is also coming in regularly with add-on packs which could include new bikes and events.

#16 Trials Fusion
  • Developer: RedLynx, Ubisoft
  • Publisher: Ubisoft

The fifth game within the Trials franchise and the follow-up to Trials Evolution comes Trials Fusion. If you’ve never played a Trials game, the title is more of a platform racer. Players control a biker that makes his way through various courses and obstacles though because of the physics within the game, getting through courses is easier said than done.

Regardless of its difficulty, Trials Fusion remains to be an amazing platformer. Since its release, Ubisoft has provided six DLC packs along with free content downloads.