ZombiU Creative Director: Wii U is the Most Innovative System for the Moment on Earth

ZombiU Creative Director Jean-Phillipe Caro thinks the Wii U is the most innovative system on earth at the moment…do you agree?

Ubisoft has been a staunch supporter of the original Wii back when it was released. It seems the publisher is continuing that tradition with the release of Nintendo's Wii U. Out of all the "big" publishers, Ubisoft has committed the most games for the platform.

One of the games they've committed to the console is the upcoming zombie game, ZombiU. Based on what we've seen from the game so far, ZombiU seems to be implementing a lot of fresh ideas to a zombie genre considered "stale" by most gamers.

In an interview with the OfficialNintendoMagazine, ZombiU creative director Jean-Phillipe Caro states that they're not "re-inventing" the zombie genre with ZombiU, but just "recycling." 

We are not reinventing, we are recycling. What we wanted to do is not a revolution of the survival horror game but what we like is the survival aspect while the horror is part of the zombie thing.

In saying all this, Caro does think that they came up with something original with the game. And that's possible with the most innovative console on Earth — the Wii U(his words not mine, m'kay?).

I think we are making something fresh with the most innovative console. The Wii U is the most innovate system for the moment on Earth. We didn't have to make a big innovation on our side – it was all here on the system so that was easier for us.

That's certainly a bold statement; but one that might have merit. Nintendo is known to be an innovator especially when it comes to hardware. They've done that starting with the SNES and that tradition seems to have carried on to the Wii U. It's currently the only known console that's set to have a tablet for a controller; so Caro might be right…but enough to call it the "most innovative system for the moment on Earth?" Well, I'll leave that up for you to decide.

So, do you agree with his statement or does that apply simply because they're the only one that has shown their hand when it comes to next-gen?