Koreans Beat Diablo III in Record Time

It’s amazing how fast these hardcore gamers finished the game.

It appears that a group of Koreans, South Koreans if you want to be exact, have finished off the last boss of Diablo III. The crazy part? They accomplished their task in a bit over five hours after servers started to work again. Westerners were racing against the clock as well but did not beat these hard core gamers.

I find it crazy that people do these speed runs, but men, and women, have to compete against each other to prove who is better. Let's just play Minecraft and relax guys and gals.

The sad part of this story…

You thought I was already at the sad part of the story? You must really love gamers then.

As I was saying, the sad part of this story was that this clan was unable to get the end game loot…due to server issues. I have a feeling that #diablochillers may trend on twitter.

Source: Kotaku